15 Days / 14 Nights
Highlights Of Southern Africa

Arrive/Victoria Falls International Airport/Hwange National Park – Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) – Chobe River Front – Moremi Game Reserve – Johannesburg – Ponta Mamoli – Maputo/Depart


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The Hide Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe) Day 1 Day 3 FI 2 Nights
The Elephant Camp Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) Day 3 Day 5 FI 2 Nights
Chobe Game Lodge Chobe River Front (Botswana) Day 5 Day 7 FI 2 Nights
Camp Moremi Moremi Game Reserve (Botswana) Day 7 Day 9 FI 2 Nights
City Lodge OR Tambo Airport Johannesburg (South Africa) Day 9 Day 10 B&B 1 Night
White Pearl Resorts Ponta Mamoli Ponta Mamoli (Mozambique) Day 10 Day 15 FI 5 Nights
Not Included Transfer for International departure Day 15 Day 15 Breakfast Not Included

B&B: Bed and Breakfast
FI: Fully Inclusive – Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities


Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s biggest reserve, home to a profusion of wildlife, including giraffe, lion, zebra and approximately 40 000 elephants. It provides sanctuary for all the country’s endangered species, including a population of wild dogs thought to be among the most sizeable surviving groups on the continent. Terrain ranges from desert dunes and savannah lands to rocky outcrops and sparse forests, and visitors have the choice of game drives, guided walks or horseback safaris as a means of experiencing the park and its creatures.

Date Pick Up Drop Off Time Vehicle
Day 1 Victoria Falls International Airport [VFA] The Hide   Private Transfer


  • Guided Walks
  • Day and Night Game Drives
  • The Underground Hide and Wine Cellar
  • The Dove’s Nest Tree-house

Guided Walks

Morning and afternoon guided walks are offered at The Hide Safari Camp.

The Hide Safari Camp is fortunate to have the best of both worlds. While located within the Hwange National Park, it is also surrounded by a private concession which allows us to offer activities not otherwise permitted. Hwange is a vast playground worth exploring so you don’t have to worry about being bored. Early morning walks are there for the thrill of encountering wildlife on its own terms and exploring the little surprises of the bush.

Day and Night Game Drives

Morning and afternoon game drives as well as night drives with a spotlight are offered at The Hide Safari Camp.

Days can be spent further afield on game drives in search of predators and prey alike. We like to do things properly so sundowners are an important part of the experience.  Enjoy the natural beauty with a cold drink in hand. The guides at The Hide are very much part of the family and have been with us for many years. They have undergone some of the most rigorous training in Africa and their passion for and knowledge of the bush is often what makes a safari so special.

The Underground Hide and Wine Cellar

You’re sitting on the deck at The Hide ‘A’ frame. The sun has just set, its residual warmth a soft tinge of pink in the sky. Just then, a family of elephants strolls into the scene and up to the waterhole. You watch, fascinated by their interactions. Now, here’s where you jump into action. Without the need for a guide or host, you can go directly from the deck into the underground hide and observe the elephant family from up-close. Just step off the deck and slip down the steps into a whole new world. Along a tunnel, you’ll walk for about 10 metres under the surface of the earth – and then emerge into a “window on the waterhole”, where you can sit quietly, the unobserved observing. It’s a special new addition and makes the experience of “game viewing” more intense and personal.

Along the same tunnel, guests are delighted to find, hidden away in the wall, a real wine cellar. Perfectly cooled at a steady 17° degrees Celsius, ambient-lit and stocked with a small selection of fine wines from around the world, this is a welcome addition to an already all-sensory experience at The Hide. Guests are invited to choose the wine they’d like with dinner – or suggestions are made based on wine pairing experts’ recommendations.

The Dove’s Nest Tree house

Our little secret, the Dove’s Nest, is just about the best way to get away from it all. There are few things more exciting than spending a night out in a tree house.

Overlooking the open tree-lined vlei and pan, this rustic gem is a perfect vantage point from which to view wildlife safely, quietly. Just the two of you. Kept simple, as a tree house should be, the bedroom of the Dove’s Nest is reached by a wooden stairway and with a closable door. You won’t have to forego your hot shower and warm bed and the location is second to none.

Overnight: The Hide

Well known and much loved, situated within Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest game reserve. The Hide accommodates up to 20 guests in well appointed deluxe tents, overlooking the productive waterhole. En-suite facilities include indoor or outdoor showers and bath tubs. The Private Hide includes a private dining, lounge and plunge pool. Utilizing The Hide tents 6 & 7 creates the perfect exclusive use of a mini safari camp for up to 6-8 guests. Tom’s Little Hide, is perfect for exclusive or family safaris. Accommodating up to 6 adults in 3 beautiful en-suite safari rooms. Includes private dining room, lounge and plunge pool, children of any age are welcome. Up to 4 game activities per day, bush walks, day and night drives, hide visits that include our new underground tunnel from hide to hide. Enjoy a memorable ‘sleep-out’ in the romantic Dove’s Nest.


Fully InclusiveBed, All Meals, Fees and Activities
All Local Brands (Spirits, Wine and Beers) Included


Private road transfer from Victoria Falls airport to The Hide  (flight must arrive in the morning; otherwise a pre-night in Victoria Falls will be required or alternatively, driver must sleep in Camp at additional cost)

2 x night’s accommodation – fully inclusive of all meals, local drinks, park fees and scheduled activities


Premium brand drinks


Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

One of the original natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls is a World Heritage Site and an extremely popular tourism attraction. Known locally as ‘The Smoke that Thunders’ this spectacle is accessible from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and it is an ideal place to combine a game viewing and water sports. There is excellent fishing, a terrifying bungee jump and arguably the best commercial white water rafting in the world.


  • Guided Visit to the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)
  • Walking Safaris – Nature & Birding Walks
  • Lunch at Wild Horizons Lookout Café
  • Cocktails & Canapés at the Batoka Gorge
  • A Village Tour
  • Victoria Falls Canopy Tour
  • Visiting the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

Guided Visit to the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

Africa has an air of romance that sets her apart from anywhere else in the world. However, it is upon stepping into the Victoria Falls rainforest that guests are truly swept off their feet. There is no finer ambience than the gentle roar of the waterfall. The trees grow so closely together that their branches entwine, and their soft, wet drip across the stone path that weaves through this natural wonder. Submerge yourself in the fragrance of the fauna and the playful fauna in this enchanting and awe-inspiring space. A guided tour is included in the nightly rate, excluding park fees. Satisfy your wanderlust by visiting the more beautiful of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Walking Safaris – Nature & Birding Walks

The concession appears like a flame lily in a bouquet of roses- unique, intriguing, captivating, and drenched in natural beauty. Over 420 bird species flock to this bush paradise, nesting in the trees, drawing stencils across the sky, and flitting around the streams to create an aura of opulence that beckons keen ‘twitchers’. The experienced eye of your accompanying guide will show you the clever weavers west-side nests, the tawny brown Falcons perched between Baobab branches, and the scarlet feathers of the lilac breasted rollers that dance among the leaves. Zebra, impala, sable, wildebeest, kudu and warthogs have also made the concession their home, and curiously survey you as a guest exploring their world.

Lunch at Lookout Cafe

Embark on a trip to the one-of-a-kind Lookout Café, perched 120m above the turbulent rapids of the Zambezi River. This all-inclusive activity is set against the backdrop of the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge, which hangs over the spectacular chasm of the Batoka Gorge. During the rainy season, wisps of the spray from the rainforest curl around the edge of the rock face near the bridge. Creative cocktails and other beverages are included in the activity. From the vantage point of the café, guests can watch the bright rafts plummet through the rapids below, or adrenalin lovers soaring through the air on one of the exciting high wire activities.

Cocktails & Canapés at the Batoka Gorge

In between the lips of the cavernous Batoka gorge, rages the Zambezi River. Indulge in a selection of cocktails and canapés while nestled on the edge of a steep rock face that is hugged by trees and shrubs and blanketed by an endlessly wide sky. When the wind plays with your hair, the setting sun kisses your skin, and the birdsong floats down from the tree branches, you will realise that this is one of the most perfect positions on the planet. The Batoka Gorge is more than a deep fissure in the Earth.

It symbolises decades of Mother Nature’s hard work, chiselling an icon onto her surface. It is evidence of the earth’s immense age. It is a humbling sight that will engulf you and fill you with a sense of appreciations and contentment. This incredible spectacle is just a short drive away from the camp and is the ideal location for relaxation and reflection. With a sight so lovely, it is impossible not to leave with exquisite photographs, which will be developed into small hard copies of the wonderful memories you have made. A selection of wine, refreshing beverages and delectable canapes await guests in this secluded and serene spot.

A Village Tour

There is an African proverb that tells us that “Wisdom is like fire. People take it from others”.  By visiting a local rural village and interacting with the people who live there, you not only forge new friendships, you will also discover a different lifestyle, a new way of doing things, and a broader perspective of life without modern luxuries. Africa is rich in culture, and by immersing yourself in another culture, you foster an understanding of it. We travel to learn, to broaden our perspectives, and to gain a deeper appreciation of the diversity of the world we live in. This is a wonderful experience for all, but especially beneficial for children, because, as the Moroccan proverb reminds us, “Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone”. You will fill your suitcase with souvenirs and your camera with photographs, but for an authentic and rewarding African adventure, you should fill your mind with knowledge.

Victoria Falls Canopy Tour

The black basalt of the Batoka gorge stretches 100 meters skywards and is enrobed in thick vegetation, creating an idyllic space for zip lines to whizz through and unveil a stunning perspective of this breath-taking natural setting. Embark on a two-hour eco-adventure lead by two professional guides across nine unique slides. The adventure unfolds from the Lookout Café, perched above the cove that forms at the first bend of the river below the waterfall. This is where your senses awaken to the excitement to come as the overwhelming view of this cavernous gorge rises to greet you. The turbulent rapids rage below, their steady roar climbing up the canyon creating an ambience of adventure. The awe-inspiring fauna and flora that sprouts across the lips of the gorge entice Trumpeter Hornbills, Schalow’s Turaco, Peregrine Falcons- and if you are extremely lucky, the rare Taita Falcon.

The gentle nature and moderate speed of the slides entices those who want to experience an adrenaline rush minus the scare factor. This is the activity where tranquility meets titillation and can be enjoyed by nature lovers, families, thrill seekers and corporate team building groups. The canopy tour can even be appreciated by those who get sweaty palms and a tingle in their toes just thinking about heights, as the slides traverse over a thick tangle of trees and vegetation.

Visiting the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

Guests visit the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust (VFTW), a non – profit whose mission is to advance environmental conservation through hands – on wildlife research, the management of a veterinary laboratory and rehabilitation facility and the education of local peoples in the sustainable usage of natural resources.

Included Activity – this activity is included in our rates but must be scheduled with management on arrival and is subject to availability.


Date Pick Up Drop Off Time Vehicle
Day 3 The Hide The Elephant Camp   Private Transfer

Overnight: The Elephant Camp       

Situated on a private concession within and bounded by the Masuwe River and the Zambezi gorges, The Elephant Camp and The Elephant Camp West offer breathtaking views of the Victoria Falls’ spray and the spectacular gorges which separate Zimbabwe and Zambia.

This intimate lodge is within easy reach of Victoria Falls and is secluded in its own private game reserve. Guests are accommodated in exclusive luxury tented suites. The independent Elephant Camp West facility offers secluded suites each boasting a private viewing deck over the gorge and a private plunge pool. Other facilities include a comfortable lounge, bar and dining area and a range of spa treatments available in the comfort of your own room.


Fully Inclusive – Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities
All Local Brands (Spirits, Wine and Beers) Included


Shared scheduled road transfer from The Hide to Victoria Falls town

Private road transfer from Victoria Falls to The Elephant Camp

2 x night’s accommodation – fully inclusive of all meals, local drinks, park fees and scheduled activities


Premium brand drinks


Chobe River Front

The Chobe River forms the northern boundary of the Chobe National Park, renowned for its reliable and diverse game viewing. Safaris are conducted both by boat and on land. This section of the park is best known for its elephant and hippo populations but the waters attract all manner of game including large herds of buffalo and the lions that prey on them.


  • Chobe Game Lodge Game Drives
  • Chobe Game Lodge Birding Experience
  • Chobe Game Lodge River Safaris

Chobe Game Lodge Game Drives

Owing to the location of Chobe Game Lodge inside the Chobe National Park, early-morning game drives set off as soon as the park opens, giving you the best chance of tracking predators while they are still active. The afternoon drives depart the lodge in the late afternoon (the exact time is dependent on the season), only returning at park closure time after sunset, thus maximising the time you spend out in the park to enjoy those special sightings.

The drives follow the course of the Chobe River as your experienced guide interprets the bush signs and tracks in search of the resident wildlife. Elephant encounters are common and huge herds of buffalo abound. The ever-present impala and the majestic giraffe are both common residents, while sightings of the puku antelope are also on offer. Predators are plentiful in the northern region of the Chobe National Park, and excellent sightings of lion, wild dog and leopard are to be had.

The Chobe Game Lodge vehicles are open 4WD game viewers redesigned to make your trip comfortable and your viewing experience astonishing. Included in the fleet are several silent, CO2 emission-free electric vehicles designed to further enhance your Chobe safari.

Chobe Game Lodge Birding Experience

Birding is spectacular with Schalows turaco, barred owlet and white-browed coucal resident in the gardens as well as rosythroated longclaw, western – banded snake-eagle and hooded vulture among a few of the 450 species of the Chobe region.

Chobe Game Lodge River Safaris

No Chobe safari is complete without experiencing the beauty of the Chobe River and its incredible wildlife by boat. The riverboats are specifically designed to ensure each passenger can take in the magnificent Chobe views in complete comfort from anywhere on the boat.

Owing to the flexibility in seating arrangements and the flat deck, the boats are ideal for keen wildlife photographers, with ample space for equipment and the freedom to photograph from any angle. Unlike any other water-based activity in Botswana, the game viewing while on a river safari in Chobe is unsurpassed anywhere in Botswana.

Elephants line the water’s edge, hippo congregate in lagoons, hundreds of antelope and giraffe make their way to the water and sightings of predators along the river banks are common.

All of the boats at Chobe Game Lodge are solar electric solar-powered safari boats – a clean and quiet way to enjoy a boat safari and another first for tourism in Africa.


Date Pick Up Drop Off Time Vehicle
Day 5 The Elephant Camp Chobe Game Lodge   Private Transfer

Overnight: Chobe Game Lodge       

Chobe Game Lodge is one of those iconic African properties which tie into the unique combination of location, luxury and elegance. It is the only permanent lodge within the boundaries of Chobe National Park. Chobe Game Lodge was the first property in Botswana to introduce electric game viewing boats, vehicles and among the first lodges to be fully Eco-certified.

Chobe Game Lodge also boats a fully qualified and the only all-female guiding team in Africa. Chobe Game Lodge is Botswana’s premier venue for guests looking for a perfect base from which to explore the national park and the Chobe River. This 5-star lodge has full eco-grading by the Botswana Tourism Board. Chobe Game Lodge is designed as a haven of peace and privacy – where relaxation is effortless and you can enjoy your own space. Chobe Game Lodge caters for travellers with disabilities.


Fully Inclusive – Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities
All Local Brands (Spirits, Wine and Beers) Included


Private road transfer from The Elephant Camp to Chobe Game Lodge – border crossing

2 x nights’ accommodation – Fully inclusive of all meals, local drinks, park fees and scheduled activities


Premium brand drinks 


Moremi Game Reserve

The amazing foresight of Chief Moremi created one of the world’s most famous reserves, conserving part of the Okavango Delta and the plains to its east. The reserve covers more than 4871km of pristine wilderness, and the varied terrain includes savannah, winding waterways, and thick forest.

This diversity supports an incredibly wide spectrum of wildlife, ranging from large herds of buffalo, wildebeest and zebra, to the rare sitatunga and lechwe antelope, and lion, cheetah and packs of wild dog in the open grasslands.

The birdlife is prolific and includes most of the 550 bird species recorded on the Botswana national bird list. A range of luxury lodges in the reserve offer visitors the perfect base to experience this corner of paradise.


  • Camp Moremi game drives
  • Camp Moremi motorised boating trips

Camp Moremi game drives

Guest activities include morning and afternoon game drives throughout the many different ecosystems that the Moremi Game Reserve has to offer. The Moremi Game Reserve is renowned for exceptional wildlife sightings including lion, leopard, wild dog, elephant and exceptional general game.

Camp Moremi motorised boating trips

Explore the Xakanaxa Lagoon and its surrounding channels by boat for a chance to enjoy the picturesque waters of the Okavango Delta, with its kaleidoscope of birdlife.

Internal Flight Information

Date Flight Airline Departure Airport Time Arrival Airport Time
Day 7 Shared Charter   Kasane Airport [BBK]   Camp Moremi  


Date Pick Up Drop Off Time Vehicle
Day 7 Chobe Game Lodge Kasane Airport [BBK]   Private Transfer

Overnight: Camp Moremi    

An elegant, elevated thatch structure serves as the main building, wildlife reference library, dining room and cocktail bar. Other facilities include a secluded swimming pool with sundeck and thatched boma where brunch and high tea are served. Accommodating just 24 guests in African-style safari tents, each individually sited on a raised teak platform with private en-suite facilities and viewing deck, most offering unsurpassed views of the Xakanaxa lagoon area.

This area of Moremi Game Reserve, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Africa, offers a variety of different eco-systems, these rich in plant, bird and animal life. The camp faces the Okavango Delta and access to activities includes the mainland of Moremi Game Reserve. Experienced guides will introduce you to a whole new world of wildlife.


Fully Inclusive – Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities
All Local Brands (Spirits, Wine and Beers) Included


Private road transfer from Chobe Game Lodge to Kasane Airport

Shared light aircraft transfer from Kasane Airport to Camp Moremi

2 x nights’ accommodation – Fully Inclusive of all meals, local drinks, park fees and 2 activities per day


Premium brand drinks



Johannesburg is one of Africa’s biggest and most vibrant cities. It is the economic capital of Africa and the gateway to Southern Africa. Although not as famous as other South African destinations, there is plenty to do in Johannesburg and nearby Pretoria. The old city is a multi-cultural mixture of traditional medicine shops, Chinese restaurants, taxi ranks and ultra-modern skyscrapers. There are excellent museums, art galleries and organised tours of historical and political interest. The shopping is Southern Africa’s best and the many restaurants cater for all tastes. The nearby township of Soweto is Johannesburg’s most popular tourist attraction.

Regional Flight Information

Date Flight Airline Departure Airport Time Arrival Airport Time
Day 9 Shared Charter   Camp Moremi   Maun Airport [MUB]  
Day 9 Scheduled   Maun Airport [MUB]   City Lodge OR Tambo Airport  

Overnight: City Lodge OR Tambo Airport  

Based at Africa’s busiest airport, City Lodge Hotel at OR Tambo Airport will provide business and leisure travellers with home away from home accommodation that is ideal for those commuting to and from Johannesburg and perfect for those who require immediate access to the airport.

OR Tambo Airport offers a number of services from banking to a wide range of retailers, so whether it’s a good book or a scrumptious meal, the airports facilities have everything you need. The hotel boasts boardroom and conference facilities, a fitness room as well as a deck with a pool and a large commercial area with a coffee shop.


Bed and Breakfast


Shared light aircraft transfer from Camp Moremi to Maun Airport

1 x night accommodation – Bed & Breakfast

**City Lodge is at walking distance from the airport


Additional meals and drinks

Scheduled flight from Maun Airport to Johannesburg Airport – own arrangements


Ponta Mamoli

Situated along Mozambique’s spectacular southern coast, Ponta Mamoli is a popular beach resort resting in a sheltered bay. Africa’s eastern coastline is brimming with gorgeous beaches both on the mainland and on the Indian Ocean islands.

It is the perfect destination to unwind and dust off after a safari, soak up the African sun or simply relax. Ponta Mamoli in Mozambique is a great spot for swimming with dolphins as well as an excellent location for diving.  Visitors can enjoy excellent snorkelling and diving in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean and visit the nearby Maputo Special Reserve to the west.


  • Ocean Safari
  • See the Turtles – Seasonal

Ocean Safari

Venture by boat to the nearby pinnacle reef for a snorkelling trip, and you could swim with the Bottlenose Dolphins that regularly glide through these waters – a sublime experience you won’t easily forget.

From July to November each year, you may encounter the majestic Humpback whales in their natural habitat as they visit us on their annual migration. Whale watching is conducted from the comfort of our snorkelling boat as we observe the whales blowing, breaching, lob tailing and playing. Later in the season, you may encounter their newborns too!

Cost as an add-on: $85 per person, per trip (minimum 4 and maximum 10 guests)

See the Turtles – Seasonal

Our resort is home to one of the richest turtle nesting sites in southern Mozambique. Between November and February each year, guests have the opportunity to witness an extraordinary feat of nature first-hand. Loggerhead and Leatherback Turtles head to this stretch of coast to lay their eggs, and, a few weeks later, the hatchlings make their first-ever voyage to the ocean. The resort has partnered with the Southern Mozambique Marine Turtle Nesting Monitoring, Tagging & Conservation Programme to monitor and protect these remarkable creatures.

Regional Flight Information

Date Flight Airline Departure Airport Time Arrival Airport Time
Day 10 Scheduled   OR Tambo International Airport [JNB]   Maputo International Airport [MPM]  


Date Pick Up Drop Off Time Vehicle
Day 10 Maputo International Airport [MPM] White Pearl Resorts Ponta Mamoli   Shared Transfer

Overnight: White Pearl Resorts Ponta Mamoli       

Set in the dunes of the untouched shores of southern Mozambique, overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean, White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli is an idyllic beach paradise.Relax and rejuvenates in one of 21 luxurious, ocean-facing suites each with private plunge pool and outdoor shower.

Inspired by the rich coastal biodiversity of the area and beautiful Indian Ocean reefs, the guest areas offer laid-back beachside chic with spaces designed to make the most of the incredible views. Guests can expect a truly unique and unforgettable getaway filled with the ultimate in leisure, recreation and adventure.

The proximity to world-renowned national parks makes this untouched 5-star destination the perfect add-on to your bush holiday. Paired with exceptional service, White Pearl Resorts earns the reputation of being the PEARL of the Indian Ocean.


Fully Inclusive – Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities
All Local Brands (Spirits, Wine and Beers) Included


Shared scheduled road transfer from Maputo airport to White Pearl Resort

5 x nights’ accommodation – Fully inclusive of all meals, local drinks and selected activities

**Honeymoon offer applies for 5 nights or longer stay


Premium brand drinks

Motorized water sports and horse riding

Scheduled flight from Johannesburg Airport to Maputo Airport – own arrangements


After breakfast at the White Pearl Resorts Ponta Mamoli transfer for your international departure back home


Date Pick Up Drop Off Time Vehicle
Day 15 White Pearl Resorts Ponta Mamoli Maputo International Airport [MPM]   Transfer


Bed and Breakfast


Shared road transfer from White Pearl Resort to Maputo Airport for your International flight back home. ***Safari ends***


  • Bed & Breakfast basis at Bayete Lodge
  • Fully Inclusive basis at Chobe Bakwena
  • Fully Inclusive basis at Sable Alley
  • Bed & Breakfast basis at City Lodge O.R Tambo
  • Fully Inclusive basis at White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli, Zitundu
  • National Park Vehicle & Entrance Fees where stated
  • Intercamp air / road transfers where stated on a seat rate basis
  • Private road transfers where stated
  • Complimentary Kasane Airport transfer on departure day at Chobe Bakwena


  • International / regional flights
  • Visas
  • Premium brand drinks at FI lodges
  • Spirits drinks at Bakwena
  • Additional meals, drinks, activities and park fees not specified
  • Gratuities and items of a personal nature
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Entrance to Victoria Falls (US$30 pp)
  • Bazaruto National Park entrance fee (US$15 pp)
  • Motorised water sports, horse riding and activities not specified at Anantara

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